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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Similarities

Of all of the comparisons that have been made (here, here, and here), I think this might have to be at least the most ironic. If you are not sure who either of these guys are, just click on the pictures.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Malcolm X and Spirituality

I watched Malcolm X this week for one of my classes at York. Cool flick. Long. Anyways, he converts to Islam in prison. When he gets out, his life mission is to unify black Americans and fight for their rights in the name and power of Islam and the teachings of "the honorable" Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm was a good Muslim. He said his prayers. He acknowledged the sovereignty and providence of Allah and also lived like he believed it. He made the Haj. Later, close to the end of his life (at least in the movie) his dedication to Islam and to his cause led to his betrayal and assassination by those exploiting the cause for cash and cars.

Usually, when I think of Islam, it makes me say, "ew, icky. Works righteousness and legalism." The other night, I watched the 2 1/2 hour film again. This time something struck me. He had it right. Or, half right. He understood that serving the almighty creator requires no less than your whole life. His mistake was rejecting Jesus Christ. But do I have it only half right? Am I half-heartedly serving the King of Kings and withholding due praise from the sovereign of all things, visible and invisible?

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Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year, debauchery, and forbearance

Debauchery. The OED defines it as "vicious indulgence in sensual pleasures." I love the OEDonline. That was for free.

I had the privilege of staying up all night last night in and around the vicinity of The Sheraton Centre. I want to try to briefly describe the scene without sounding arrogantly above worldiness. Here's what I saw: thousands flocking away from Nathan Phillips Square into police-equiped streets, drunk men resisting detainment, people urinating in trash cans and on walls, two intoxicated friends dragging a comatose comrade through a hall, heavily stimulated women making shameful comments in crouded elevators (elevators that would later reek of vomit), angry men fighting in the parking lot, inebriated youth.

Looking over the city from my 25th floor window as the Sun rose, beaming light on the distant North York, all I could think of was mercy and forbearance and grace. God, who 2000 years ago came into a world that would not recoginze him (John 1:9-10), still bears with his contumacious creation.

Shocking enough is God's great patience and mercy. Spurgeon rightly points out the glorious speed of forgiveness. He says, "You can be forgiven all your sin in half the tick of a clock, and pass from death to life more swiftly than I can utter the words." If you have ever seen 24, you'll know that pretty much every season, the U.S. Government is required to grant immunity to some criminal in return for information on how to end the terrorism that they particpated in. For instance, Jack Bauer must live allow his wife's murderer to have immunity in order to find out who she is working for. In a later season, former president David Palmer is asked to grant immunity to a terrorist who had, in an earlier season, made an attempt at his life. We're all like, "oh wow, isn't David great?!" And he is. But how about Christ. Perfect almighty God died so that his rebelious creation could be redeemed and sinners could be pardoned of a lifetime of evil instanly by looking to his cross.

That is why I love the New Year.