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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Something worth restating

I posted this awhile back but I think it is worth restating (because of somethings that I saw tonight). Let me set it up. I love that our Campus for Christ 532 (weekly) meeting is on the same night as York's famous 'Pub Night.' Another cool thing is that 532 was held in a Pub that has recently lost it's licence or something. Tonight, instead of being a venue for pagan self worship it was packed with Christians worshipping the only God and saviour that the universe will ever know.

What I really wanted to say has to do with the York U population being dominated by females. After the meeting most people go to some place on campus to eat and spend time with eachother. At around the same time hundreds of students line up around the building to get into the 'Underground' for a night of whatever...debauchery, who knows. The cool thing is that while York is buzzing with overly scented and made up, breast-inhancing bra and high healed shoe wearing girls travelling in groups, there were probably 45 girls with their backs to all the drama who are completely uninterested with the cotton candy that the world is throwing at them and unimpressed by hope of some kind of trite score, whatever girls consider to be a score. I'm continually refreshed by the deep and lasting beauty of godly women. Sisters and co-hiers.

There is more I could say and I could have said some things that I did say much better but it is late right now and just wanted the thoughts up.

I think all this has something to do with the unchanging Christ who is constantly fresh and new and never fades. He transcends fads and has the patience to wait during times when other things look more important and attractive than him. His arms are open (Luke 13:34). He never grows weary of doing good to us (Jeremiah 32:40).


Blogger shellieos said...

josh, you are encouraging period.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Terra said...

just wanted to say you did a great job leading worship at 532. Seriously I love the way you boast about the gospel and speak so boldly and courageously about our Lord. It makes me smile. Keep preaching it!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Jesskah said...

hahah oh now I feel like I'm falling into a trend... flocking to respond fawning-ly to this post about how great godly women are.... but I did want to say (unable to not say) that your last paragraph was EXTREMELY well written. (That sounds like I'm grading your essay....)
I mean.. He is patient and he does transcend fads. He's... big and immense and .. unfathomable. amen to that

2:29 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Josh, you unashamedly said some very unpopular things while you were up on that stage. Good thing the command doesn't say "conform to the pattern of this world"!

4:23 PM  

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