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Saturday, February 25, 2006

No More WWJD

This is a completely unoriginal thought. Now that I am reading and listening to more Way of the Master material, I am fully convinced that the question that we need to ask is NOT What Would Jesus Do? but rather What DID Jesus Do? I just did a (very) brief survey of the beginnings of each Gospel to figure out what Jesus did. Here it is (in the order they come in Mark's narrative.)

1.) He was baptized (in a substantially sized river).

2.) He sought men to disciple.

3.) He prayed (alone, for a long time, in the morning).

4.) He preached.

It cannot be a coincidence that Jesus was baptized before he began his ministry. His baptism was a picture of his own death and resurrection and an identification with the sinners that he would save. If baptism was necessary to "fulfill all righteousness" for Jesus, how much more must we be baptized (publicly identifying with Jesus' death and resurrection) before we begin our ministry.

What then did Jesus immediately commit himself to? Discipleship. Training other men to be
mature in Christ (Col 1:28) and how to be a witness to the gospel (2 Tim 2:2) is never an option. If it is abandoned the gospel will never go out. God forbid we die without making several clones out of ourselves.

Personal prayer. 'nuff said.

Talking the walk. Are we doing this. My buddy Nick, when phoned by someone from his credit card company, wasted no time in saying: "Hey, can I ask you a question? Do you consider yourself to be a good person?" That was the beginning of a successful witnessing opportunity in which a simple, clear, and Biblical presentation of the Gospel was presented.

The mystery has been revealed.
Praise the Lord!


Blogger I_am_Batman said...

One time a guy at Mitchell's wanted to try and sell those rainbow coloured, "WWJD" bracelets so he wrote on a sign, "Defective! What Would Jimmy Do?"

5:08 PM  
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