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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Bottom 10

Instead of exasperating you with more posts about the negative side of Christmas, I've decided to just get it all in with one Bottom Ten. So here goes.....

10.)Santa used as a figure to induce good behaviour by infusing the fear of not receiveing presents. Check out the song Santa Claus is Thumbing... I mean.....coming to Town.

9.)Jessica Simpson

8.)The ambiguity of "Seasons Greetings." Why don't we say it in the fall?

7.)The fact that we are subjected to the celebration of two heros and both are often seen as ficticious.

6.)Salt ruins my shoes.

5.)Who decides what colours are "Christmasy"?

4.)The Juxtapostion of Christmas and Halloween, and that the days of expectation leading up to these holidays is equally long. And the bliss following these holidays is equally short lived. ie. boxing day is a big let down and the sales aren't that good.

3.)Secular artists singing about Christ saving us from Satan's power with the same amount of conviction as I would sing I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

2.)The fact that the above song exists.

1.)I tend to get selfish, lazy, and desirous of vain glory at this time of year. The very time of year that I should be humbled by the rememberance of my Creator becoming a disgrace because he desired my salvation.

I love this verse of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. It is a prayer that we should be praying especially at Christmas.

Adam's likeness, Lord, efface,
Stamp Thine image in its place:
Second Adam from above,
Reinstate us in Thy love.
Let us Thee, though lost, regain,
Thee, the Life, the inner man:
O, to all Thyself impart,
Formed in each believing heart.
Hark! the herald angels sing,
"Glory to the New-born king!"

I love the new Adam. He will be my representative.


Blogger TwinsK&D said...

Great post brother! I love your 'bottom 10 list', very thought provoking :-) I agree with all of them, number 7 seems to be so true in this age. Oh, how we need to seek Christ and evangelize the lost!! Keep up the great blogging!! :-)

2:39 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

J-Rob #1,

I have to admit that I am known as the Grinch of my family - but this is because of reasons such as these. Christmas time for me has always meant chaos, stress and hectic situations and what is joyful about that? I unfortunately add to this negative environment with my bad attitude about Christmas but its just so hard to get into the spirit when the focus is on the wrong things. Jesus is the reason for the season. My prayer is that we will all remember that.

On a personal note, and to share one of my Robinson family traditions, my favourite part of Christmas is when my family sits at the top of the stairs, before present opening begins, to read the Christmas story and to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus - we make a cake and everything :)

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas - and Happy Birthday Josh!

12:19 PM  
Blogger I_am_Batman said...

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3:06 PM  
Blogger I_am_Batman said...

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3:08 PM  
Blogger Warren said...

I have to disagree on #9, but I think it's a matter of personal taste :)

Seriously, though, I do agree that a lot of what has become 'Christmasy' in the US (at least), has nothing to do with why we're supposedly really celebrating the day.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Brendt said...

Oh, man, Hippopotamus rocks! But I'll agree with the rest of them.

It occurs to me that one could create a list of the Bottom Ten things about legalism and the first one would only have to be changed a tiny bit: God used as a figure to induce good behaviour by infusing the fear of ....

7:11 AM  
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