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Thursday, September 21, 2006

What I don't want to hear

This post lacks focus but I posted it anyway. It is late and it has been a week. Good luck.
This fantastic man reminded me tonight that the last thing that I want to hear from God is that I did not have because I did not ask (James 4:2). What am I trusting God for? That is what he asked me, along with 100 other folks attending the C4C weekly '532' meeting. What am I trusting him for? A godly wife someday? Some kind of security? Joy in sorrow? Those things aren't bad but I think I often miss out on seeing God do something aboslutely impossible and amazing simply because I didn't ask him every day for it. My 'trust' in God is so often an unconscious adherence to a "let go and let God" doctrine.

If I don't ask him to do impossible things, do I really trust him? I have an easy time trusting him in those easy things...those things that common grace usually covers even for the unregenerate. Have I asked him everyday to use me (even in a small way) to change the entire Schulich school of Business? (That may seem random but it isn't. Schulich is the area of campus where my buddy Steve and I are focusing our evangelistic efforts.) Am I trusting God to save tons of Schulich students this year and develope spiritual multipliers?

mmm. I haven't really.

This absolutely terrific girl pointed out a verse to me this summer. Zephaniah 1:12 says, "...I will punish the men who are complacent, those who say in their hearts, 'The Lord will not do good, nor will he do ill.'" Are we complacent in our prayers (I mean me)? Do we really expect God to do the things that we ask. When we don't see them happen within one week do we move on and pray for something different? I don't know. I am such a quiter. Here is a formula that I just thought of. Actually, it is more like a couple premises and a necessary conclusion.

God wants people to be saved.

All the people I know are people.

Therefore, I know that when I pray EVERYDAY for a particular friend to be saved I know that I am praying within his will. We can REALLY never go wrong praying for God to change people and change countries and schools and governments (everyday).

Now, I am young and often rash and foolish but the more I hear and read the more I realize that my friends are not saved because I have not asked. My street is not saved because I haven't asked. Schulich is not shaken by the spirit because I have not asked. I know that God is a God of ends, ends that he WILL accomplish with or with out me. But he is also a God of means. So often he won't do it until some one prays.

Acts 4:31 - God didn't shake the building until they had good and prayed. The worst thing that can happen is that God chooses to answer the prayer in a way we didn't ask. What we have to lose is the awe of seeing God do great and impossible things. He indeed is capable of more than we could ever ask or imagine (Epheshians 3:20ish).


Blogger Lydia said...

this was a very convicting blog.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

a comment/question i have found challenging on this topic of faith and praying boldly popped into my head when i read your post.

We all like hearing about miracles, and believe God can do them, but who of us actually lives in the space where we personally need or expect them?

5:29 PM  

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