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Monday, October 30, 2006

Canada has changed

My mother found this book (one of many in a series) while cleaning out the house of my recently deceased aunt. I had to laugh, "homes made of a Father and Mother..." How silly and narrow our country once was. Frankly, I'm shocked to hear that anyone, let alone the government of Canada, would just assume that a mother works at home. The language is just so hateful, refering to women as servants. And what is with the quote on the left inside cover?


Blogger Lydia said...

that was amazing!

we are all servants though...

just...not of the state.

8:07 PM  
Blogger paul lawton said...

hey josh,
this doesn't have anything to do with that book...
i just wanted to tell yout it was good to see you on sunday, and i wished i had some time to chat with you and catch up. drop me an email sometime if you'd like!
paul.erika.lawton at gmail dot com

6:18 AM  
Blogger Jonathan P said...


Oh man... how old is this book. How far we've fallen... how far we have fallen.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Jesskah said...

Joshua, I can't believe you're actually for serious in that.

I know you know this but let me say it anyways to stake my position: back in the day it wasn't even a question that wom-dawgs would work in the home. I would argue that they did not assume mothers stayed home but that was simply the truth. That's like saying European Colonialists (I typed Colognialists... that's funny.. and smellz good) assumed African people were inferior to them, savage and uncivilized and enslaving them was actually an improvement; they were doing them a favor. It wasn't an assumption, it was a rampant truth.

Maybe you're being sarcastic.... how is that language hateful?

I'm on a rant.. you inflamed my defensiveness....

1:01 PM  

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