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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Very Bad Poetry

The simplest way to put it: I love bad poetry. It is just so fun. Here we have the worst attempt at poetically expressing Biblical truth, namely, something along the lines of penal atonment. Then, after that, there is just a wicked bad poem. Good times.

Both of these poems come courtesy of the self acclaimed genious J. Gordon Coogler.

God Correctly Understood

The man who thinks God is too kind
To punish actions vile,
Is bad at heart, of unsound mind
Or very juvenile.

Pretty Girl

On her face there are smiles of grace
That linger in beauty serene,
And there are no pimples encircling her dimples,
As ever, as yet, I have seen.


Anonymous Nagoda said...

Oh man Josh that's hillarious and terrible

Wow is that ever bad

Thanks for the laugh

-Nagoda (Mike)

9:39 AM  

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